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Welcome Back! 2014-2015 will be a wonderful year for the students and staff of Coos Bay Schools.

What a fabulous time of year! Please be careful out there as our buses and children are making their way to school. This is such an exciting time for us. Not only is the new school year starting, but we have so much to celebrate from the last one.

This year we continue to offer full day kindergarten at both of our k-3 elementary schools. The success of last year’s students was phenomenal and they entered first grade this year well-prepared. Our teachers are excited to see the learning continue as students move from grade to grade.

In Coos Bay Schools Board, staff and students are constantly learning. We remain committed to the success of each child and the implementation of Professional Learning Communities to analyze and improve teaching and learning.

We are celebrating several grant funded opportunities in our district.

Sunset School received an art grant which will allow their students to have visiting artists and artistic experiences provided for staff and students. Their partner is the Coos County Art Museum. For more information please contact Dale Inskeep, the Principal at Sunset at dalei@coos-bay.k12.or.us

Sunset will also be the host school for our district’s Proficiency- Based Teaching and Learning grant. Educators from around the district will receive training in this proven method of teaching and learning which assures that students learn concepts well and are assessed on what they know and can do. Next year Sunset will be the demonstration site for the entire south coast. Educators from schools all around the area will come to observe and learn how to implement these strategies in their schools. For more information about this work, please contact Chad Putman, Director of Teaching and Learning at Chadp@coos-bay.k12.or.us

All of our schools will benefit from a grant to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics experiences to our schools – and to help our students travel to other locations on the coast of Oregon for enriching experiences. We are a part of the Oregon Coast STEM HUB and look forward to this partnership engaging our students in high quality learning in these important subject areas.

Coos Bay has a middle school Robotic program. This exciting program is made possible from two grants. One is from our wonderful Coos Bay Schools Community Foundation and the other is from the LEGO Robotics group. For more information contact your middle school administrator or Peggy Thornton at peggyt@coos-bay.k12.or.us

Our teachers have spent the summer seeking out training and planning for a fun and engaging school year. We have 37 teacher Professional Learning Team Leaders in grades k-12, 7 administrators and 3 instructional coaches trained and ready to support student success during our Friday Professional Learning Time. This time occurs every Friday afternoon when groups of educators analyze student learning, plan for providing support for students who struggle and advancement for those who excel, collaborate on curriculum and instruction and seek out professional learning in the areas their student learning data shows it is needed. For more information on our Professional Learning Time or curriculum, please visit our curriculum page at: http://studentachievement.cbd9.net/

We welcome new staff this year including our Attendance Advocate, Ann Rodriguez. Ann will work with students, families, school staff and community agencies to improve attendance so that children can learn and succeed. Our new attendance process (click here) will seek to partner with our families and provide access to resources and support. Ann works in all of our schools and their families. If you have questions about attendance or need help getting your student to school, please contact Ann at annr@coos-bay.k12.or.us

Please make sure to visit our school webpages for detailed information pertaining to your child’s school. There are numerous opportunities for parents and community to be involved with and support education ion Coos Bay. If you want to volunteer but are not sure what it looks like, please come to one of our four k-3 volunteer trainings or contact your middle or high school to find out what they have planned for volunteers in 2014-2015. (click here for flyer) Our school administrators are happy to answer any questions you have and to facilitate a partnership with parents and community members to benefit our children.

We value our families and community. For the past two years, Coos Bay Schools have been seeking out opinions regarding our future direction for buildings and configurations. We have surveyed hundreds of parents, community members, staff and students and will be reviewing the results and formulating a plan for proceeding in visioning our future. Your voice is important in this process. You can find out more about this at www.cbd9.net under Coos Bay School’s Building Configuration Options Survey #3.

As always, I am at your service. It is my goal to make this a successful and positive school year for you and your student(s). If you have needs, questions, kudos, comments or concerns, please contact me at dawng@coos-bay.k12.or.us

I look forward to seeing you in our schools,


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